About Us

Based in sunny Irvine, California, 7Star Trade-In was established as a fusion of long-standing wireless industry experience and innovative, 100% customer-focused service. This winning combination has allowed us to proudly offer the absolute best value for your trade-ins.

Whether you're buying or selling from us, we have created the most convenient processes possible so that transactions are effortless. We handle anywhere from a single trade-in, up to thousands of units through our bulk/business buyback option.

We also offer top grade New/Recertified phones and accessories. We provide a higher than the industry average warranty for your peace of mind. We stay extremely competitive with our pricing by constantly checking our competition.

Of course, the environment is just as important to us as it is to our customers. Any device that is not repairable or eligible to be sold will go through the proper recycling process.

We know what satisfies our customers. Let us prove it to you!